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Product Description

Sweet Boro Black Tea.

A special tea created just for Murfreesboro, TN. - where the magic of Positiffitea was created. This full bodied black tea captures the southern charm of the traditional sweet tea you know and love. Named after the Murfreesboro community, Sweet Boro’s sweet taste increases as it steeps, and it’s elderberries make it a good and natural source of vitamin C. .

Flavor notes: .

Naturally sweet this blend was created as a health substitute to southern sweet tea.

Steeping Directions: .

1. Use 1-2 teaspoons of tea blend in desired tea steeper 2. Bring one cup (6-8ounces) of water 205-212° 3. Pour water over tea blend 4. Steep for 5-8 minutes. ***THE LONGER YOU STEEP THIS TEA THE SWEETER IT WILL BE!! 5. Enjoy ☺

Caffeine: .

higher caffeine

Hand blended with 100% organic ingredients:.

China black tea, elderberries, spearmint, licorice root, stevia leaf, positivity.

Herbal Properties: .

Elderberries have been used for centuries to help fight colds and flu. They are high in vitamin C and great for circulation. Licorice root helps heal and protect a sore throat. Stevia is wonderful to help regulate blood glucose levels and is said to help lower cholesterol levels.

Fun Fact:.

Licorice candy is actually not made from licorice root. It is made from anise. Licorice root is 500 times sweeter than sugar.

For educational purposes only, this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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5.0 1 reviews

Customer Reviews

Carly M. - 11/02/2017

just like sweet tea

I got this as a sample and decided to try it before I looked it up online. I was really surprised at how naturally sweet it was. I even made a comment that it tasted a lot of sweet tea! I even thought that I tasted stevia leaf. Well, I looked it up, and what do you know? It is meant to taste like southern sweet tea. I love it! Thank you for the sample, because now I love even more of your tea!

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